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Welcome to The Diet of Hope Hawaii Island Retreat Center

Dedicate yourself to a higher quality of life!

Welcome to The Diet of Hope Hawaii Island Retreat Center

Dedicate yourself to a higher quality of life!

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Week long vacation, lifelong health


In 2010, Dr. Dietmar Gann and his wife Elizabeth created the Diet of Hope in Tucson, Arizona. The Diet of Hope teaches a lifestyle commitment to health by learning how to eat a balanced nutritious, portion controlled diet, once and for all.  This method has proven success in treating obesity, diabetes, hypertension and other related conditions.  The Hawaii retreat center, founded by LaRae Barnes, APRN and her fiance Jeremy Maddox brings this platform to a wider audience.  Learn how to eat to control and prevent diseases while being supported by a medical professional who has expertise in diabetes management.  You have plenty time to explore the beauty of the Big Island and will emerge with new habits, skills, and knowledge to change your health for good.

Daily Cooking, Eating, and Learning


The Diet of Hope program differs from other programs in that it has a proven track record for success.  In Tucson, AZ over 16, 000 people have already benefitted from this amazing lifestyle change.  It is perhaps the first program to provide an emphasis on carbohydrate addiction and getting to your goal weight and staying there.  Not just losing the weight and not knowing how to keep it off.  Unless you change you, your health will not change.

Our retreats are a fantastic way to get started on achieving better health, reinforcing your health goals, or sharing them with distant friends and relatives.  We will discuss the Diet of Hope way of eating while cooking, growing, and harvesting our own real food.  Our emphasis here is on a teaching you a nutrition program that works, understanding why it works, and learning how to make your body perform the way you want it to without the need for excessive use of pharmaceutical drugs.  Once you learn what you are supposed to eat, your body will feel amazing.  We also tackle common pitfalls of weight loss, using group therapy to help us all learn.

A Healthy Community


When you choose us, you join a community. We work not just with you but with other members of our community to build a network of people working together for a healthier world. 

Program topics include:

Dr. Gann's seminar-the science behind the Diet of Hope

Sugar, carbs, the role of insulin in weight loss, ketosis and more

Diabetes 101

Psychology of weight loss and maintenance.  Barriers, triggers, challenges we all face

The role of exercise in health

Nutrition 101:  carbs, fats, protein, micronutrients

Optimal Health:  Maintaining a healthy weight

How to Cook:  Tools, spices, basics

How to grow food staples

Whatever you want to discuss:  our goal is to cater your vacation to your needs!