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The Diet of Hope is a lifestyle approach to disease management that will teach you how to take control over your health and support healthy lifelong wellness goals through a nutritional approach to managing disease. Our goal is to help you learn how to eat for your health!

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LaRae's story

LaRae Barnes, APRN, MSN, FNP

Certified Nutrition Counselor

LaRae worked at the Tucson Diet of Hope Center from May 2014 to December 2016 when tragedy brought her to Hawaii.  After her experience watching people take control or their health at the Diet of Hope she found it impossible to look at Primary Care the same way.  Her passion for health living has given her the desire to continue her role in promoting healthy eating in her new home by bringing the Diet of Hope Retreat Center to life.  She brings with her experience at the Tucson center.   Her expansive knowledge of the Diet of Hope along with her background in Behavioral Health, Primary Care, Vascular, and Sleep medicine combine to provide you an expert with a talent for connecting with people, identifying their needs, and helping them plot their way forward.  Through her you can experience the beauty of Hawaii while learning these life changing principles.

Dr. Gann, German native and leader in cardiology since 1972 co-founded the Diet of Hope with his wif

Dr. Dietmar Gann and Liz Gann

In 2010, Dr. Dietmar Gann and his wife Elizabeth created Tucson's Diet of Hope Institute that has served over 16,000 people in Tucson and expanded to Mexico, Germany, and Hawaii.  Dr. Gann, a German native and retired leader in cardiology developed an interest in promoting nutrition after he performed a study on his own cardiology patients who followed an Atkins-type diet and reduced their cardiac risk factors.  His wife Elizabeth Gann MBA BA CNC was named the National Minority Female Entrepreneur of the United States in 2005. She created a multi-million dollar company, JanCo Janitorial, which started with one part-time employee (herself). She has been recognized as the Tucson Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Business Women of the Year. She has also received the YWCA Leadership Award, Ana Maria Arias Award and numerous other honors. Elizabeth became interested in nutrition after nearly all the adults in her extended family became diabetics. Her mother died from the complications of diabetes. For this reason, Elizabeth decided to study nutrition and became a Certified Nutrition Consultant.

In 2018 Elizabeth became a Diabetes Prevention Lifestyle Coach.